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Price (or estimated price) of property (€)
Mortgage required (€)
Please note that for non-residents (i.e., you do not pay Spanish taxes), the maximum mortgage is between 60 and 70%. For Spanish tax payers, the maximum is 80%. You will also need the money for the fees and taxes which can amount up to around 12% of the purchase price.
Term required (years) or monthly budget
Do you have cash for the deposit, as well as the fees and taxes?
Sorry, if the answer is no, we are unable to assist you at this time.
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If married and you do not wish to include your partner's details, please explain why in the comments box below.
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Additional net monthly income, e.g. average net bonus, commissions, overtime, rents, investments, pension etc. Please specify
Total monthly debt payments, i.e. mortgages, loans, credit cards (all found on a credit report) and rental payments. Do not include utility bills etc.
Any monthly payments for private school fees or maintenance following divorce
Credit History
Please give details in the comments box below - have you missed a credit payment in the past for example?
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